I'm a photographer living in Emporia Kansas. I've had a fascination with photography from a very early age & would often look at images trying to understand how they were created. I remember as a little boy begging my Mother for a picture book of The Grand Canyon. It was an expensive book at the time but I was relentless and she caved. It was one of my most prized posessions for many years and I often looked through it completely wowed by the images between the covers. I hoped that one day I would produce images like those.

It wasn't until 2016 I first picked up a DSLR and started my journey. I've lived and breathed it since fully immersing myself in learning. As a result I've been asked to be speak at several seminars & have been published in many magazines both online & in print versions. Some include, Cyclocross Magazine, Midwest Living, Cyclo-Wired, Mens Health & several others. I am extremely thankful for every opportunity & connection photography has provided for me. I feel this is just a beginning and with continue to grow as I continue learning and cultivating myself.   

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