About me - Christopher Nichols

I am mostly self taught photographer living in Emporia Kansas. I've had a fascination with photography from a very early age & would often look at images trying to understand how they were done. I remember begging my Mom for a picture book of The Grand Canyon. It was an expensive book at the time but I was relentless. It was one of my childhood prized posessions for many years and I often looked through it enamoured by the images between the covers. My affections drove me to enroll in a high school photography class where I hoped to grow my understanding. Unfortunately my performance was not even close to what the teacher expected and subsequently I did not last long in the class. I distanced myself from it for a very long time but still would find images I that grabbed me, and yet again I would wonder how they were done. Over the years I would dabble with "point and shoot" cameras often disappointing myself with the results. A few years ago my oldest son who was then an active duty Marine came home for Christmas. As you could imagine I was just thankful to have him home completing our family during the Holiday season. He handed my a bag and said "Merry Christmas Dad, I know you've wanted one for a long time". I peeked in the bag and there was a Canon EOS box, in disbelief I sat down and took it out of the box. I believe I kept repeating "no way, no freaking way". I thanked & hugged him intensely! That was my start of finding how much I didn't know & it has been a jounrney of epic proportions ever since. I have been fully consumed by it and my passion to keep learning and growing daily is unwavering.

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